Is frothy urine harmful?

One of my patients came up with a very common issue of encountering foamy urine. Mr. Das is a middle-aged man and manages a busy schedule due to work. He has observed this change in his urine for a week now and decided to see me. I could understand his concern from his very firstContinue reading “Is frothy urine harmful?”

কোভিড পরবর্তী জটিলতা বা সমস্যা

আজ বিভিন্ন পোস্ট কোভিড জটিলতা সম্পর্কে আলোচনা করতে চলেছি যেগুলিক বড় এবং ছোট দু রকমের জটিলতায় বিভক্ত করা হয়।

Post COVID Complication After Recovery

COVID is a devastating pandemic that has shattered millions of lives. Even after recovery patients experience a lot of complications and they again get admitted to the hospital. The signs and symptoms that appear post COVID are direct squeal of COVID infection and require medical attention. Today am going to discuss about different Post COVID.Continue reading “Post COVID Complication After Recovery”

Myths and Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines

Today am going to discuss a very important and relevant topic in current times and yes, it is vaccination in COVID. The discovery of vaccines is the greatest gift in the history of the progress of medicine. Way back in the 17th century Edward Jenner first laid the stone for the development of vaccination whenContinue reading “Myths and Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines”

Silent invasion of COVID

Sudden loss of smell or taste? Check if you are harboring COVID silently? Anosmia, or a temporary lack of scent, is a widely recorded COVID-19 symptom. It can be jarring and emotional to lose your sense of smell and taste, and adapting to the seemingly muted world can be challenging at first. A sudden, severeContinue reading “Silent invasion of COVID”

Deep breathing exercises can be an elixir in this COVID pandemic

Let us understand the importance of deep breathing and why should we emphasize more on these sorts of exercises? We all are passing through a very tough time. Covid is affecting thousands of lives. Covid is a respiratory tract virus that primarily infects the respiratory organs of the body, the lung being the epicenter ofContinue reading “Deep breathing exercises can be an elixir in this COVID pandemic”