Gut Microbes and Diabetes

The human body is a host to trillions of microbes, or bacteria. Some of these are helpful while some may be harmful. In order to understand what gut microbes are; we must understand what the human microbiome is. The human microbiota consists of a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other single-celled organisms thatContinue reading “Gut Microbes and Diabetes”

Environment and its effect on Diabetes

All this while we have learnt how to deal with the various effects of diabetes, how to manage our food habits according to it and how insulin works; but how exactly did the disease diabetes originate? Why did it originate, when did it all start? Why does it affect only the human population? Let usContinue reading “Environment and its effect on Diabetes”

How breathing exercise helps maintain your weight and loose extra kilos?

If you are obese, or obese with diabetic, or cannot move properly may be because of your joint issue, or if you are a kidney patient who is having weakness, then you might think that losing weight is next to impossible for you. But, here is the fact that it is possible, with some intenseContinue reading “How breathing exercise helps maintain your weight and loose extra kilos?”

Sagodana and Diabetes

What is Sagodana? Sagodana is also known as Sabudana or Tapioca pearls, it is starch which is extracted from the roots of the tapioca plant. Sabudana is native to countries like Asia, South America, and Africa. This is because tapioca roots can grow easily in these regions. It is produced by first extracting the starchContinue reading “Sagodana and Diabetes”

Is Sugar Free Good For Us?

Hello everyone, I am back with a very interesting and relatable topic to discuss today. We all are familiar with the term Sugar Free right? It is basically a form of Artificial Sweetener, now what exactly is an artificial sweetener? Artificial sweeteners are low- or no-caloric sugar substitutes that provide little nutritional value, but thenContinue reading “Is Sugar Free Good For Us?”

इन्सुलिन गाइड

आज मेरे पास एक बहुत ही दिलचस्प विषय है कोई भी अनुमान? हाँ, यह सब आज इंसुलिन के बारे में है। मुझे उम्मीद है कि आज के बाद कुछ लंबे समय से चली आ रही शंकाओं और कल्पनाओं  के गोपनीय भेद प्रकट हो सकते हैं। आइए पहले हम इस विशेष विषय के आसपास के कुछContinue reading “इन्सुलिन गाइड”

Rice or Chapati? Which is more preferable for Diabetes?

We all know diabetics are supposed to be very careful about their dietary choices as they are not able to control their blood sugar naturally. The people suffering from Type 1 diabetes don’t produce enough insulin while the ones suffering from Type 2 produce insulin but their cells are resistant to its effect. The mostContinue reading “Rice or Chapati? Which is more preferable for Diabetes?”

Get smart with your Carbs

Hello, I hope everyone has been keeping up with the recommendations for diet and health management? Today, we have a new and interesting topic to discuss, which is also a very crucial part of our day-to-day diet. It is Carbohydrate. We often feel confused figuring out what carbohydrate to eat and how much, and haveContinue reading “Get smart with your Carbs”

Diabetes Management at Home: Get It Right

Mr. Bagrecha was attending a family wedding and amidst the wedding chaos he skipped his meal. During the sangeet function he started to perspire profusely along with a feeling of heavy head and mild dizziness. He had his glucometer handy. His wife got it and checked his sugar, it was around 65mg/dl. Immediately, he poppedContinue reading “Diabetes Management at Home: Get It Right”