Detox Water: Health Benefits and Myths

The human body has mechanisms of detoxification to deal with both exogenous toxicants (from the environment) and endogenous (those produced inside the body as a result of metabolic processes). One of the best ways to detox is through water. Want to know more in details? Click on the link below to read the full blog.


Raman loves potato. He heard somewhere that potatoes are not healthy , it increases weight and it is toxic for diabetic patient. Then he decided to reduce potato intake. People always say potato is not a vegetable, its carbohydrate content is high and other nutrient content is low so it is unhealthy, so you have to avoid . But is it true?

Leaching vegetables: Is it advantageous or deleterious for renal failure?

Chronic kidney disease affects more than 1.3 billion Indian.  The number has doubled in the past 15 years showing the burden of the disease on the population. Thus, following a “kidney-friendly” diet is crucial for positive long-term outcomes. Kidneys play a pivotal role in the regulation of electrolytes but when the kidney loses its function,Continue reading “Leaching vegetables: Is it advantageous or deleterious for renal failure?”