Binge eating in winter? Avoid the risk of Hyperkalemia

Winter is the time of celebration and when talking about our incredible India, winters are real fun to be part of. Apart from Christmas and the extended New Year celebration, winter is the time for picnics and getaways. Some important festivals also fall in the winter time that includes Lohri, Pongal, Sankranti. Without food everyContinue reading “Binge eating in winter? Avoid the risk of Hyperkalemia”

Potassium- No longer a hemlock for renal patients

It was just an another normal day for me, after completing my hectic schedule for the day, I had just returned home. Going through the daily news and relaxing with a cup of tea. Suddenly I received a call from one of my patients, Ayush Sharma (real name not revealed). I received the phone, itContinue reading “Potassium- No longer a hemlock for renal patients”

Steps to protect your kidney health

Kidney disease is a severe public health issue which is often ignored by most of us. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people are suffering from chronic kidney disease in India. The main reason is lack of awareness about Chronic Kidney Disease. It is a silent killer that is asymptomatic at the initial stageContinue reading “Steps to protect your kidney health”

Importance of boosting lung health amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Pandemic global spread of the novel corona virus has led to a profound global health crisis. The rapid and massive spread of COVID-19 and the tragedy that we are facing presently makes us search for answers urgently required for the survival of humans. A small microorganism has threatened the very existence of mankind. This virusContinue reading “Importance of boosting lung health amidst COVID-19 pandemic”

Constipation in Chronic Diseases: Easing the hard truth

Constipation is a gastrointestinal disorder which is quite prevalent in daily clinical practice. According to the latest research journals, 30% of the general population experience this benign problem during their lifetime. Unfortunately, people with chronic diseases like diabetic kidney disease, chronic kidney disease have a higher incidence of this disease than the general population. ThisContinue reading “Constipation in Chronic Diseases: Easing the hard truth”

Challenges of Diabetics in Winter

You will be amazed to hear that winter has a weird relationship with your blood sugar level as well. Over the winter months people of all diabetes types tend to have higher HbA1c levels than during the warmer months. Blame our lifestyle and food habits for it. Winter months bring in the essence of festivities and a goodContinue reading “Challenges of Diabetics in Winter”

Techniques for re-exploring our mind and be stress-free in this COVID-19 Mayhem

The fear of Corona and concerns related to lockdown has rapidly engulfed our mind body and spirit. Being a healthcare professional and specially being a nephrologist where I have to deal with a large number of critical renal failure patients my experience over the period of corona pandemic is something which our generation has neverContinue reading “Techniques for re-exploring our mind and be stress-free in this COVID-19 Mayhem”

Spice Up your Diabetes

Are you tired hearing of restrictions in your lifestyle even when it comes to food? Today let us discuss about some of the best foods that help to combat diabetes. The best part is it includes all everyday staples and no exotic item. Managing diabetes effectively is about making some wise adjustments in terms ofContinue reading “Spice Up your Diabetes”

Six As to combat Diabetes

In Shakespearean language we say, “The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves.” Many times, we tend to blame our genes and forefathers for the disease we bear but seldom we realise that power is in our hands to take care of our body and health. Do you often wonder why you areContinue reading “Six As to combat Diabetes”