Is kidney donation safe? | Can donors live a normal life?

Mr. Jha is one of my patients from Agartala who is getting prepared for a kidney transplant. His wife was willing to donate kidney. She had no other comorbidities and was healthy, but Mr. Jha was really worried with her decision to donate one kidney. He asked me a simple question: Will she be ableContinue reading “Is kidney donation safe? | Can donors live a normal life?”

Kidney Stones and the risk that comes along with it.

Mr. Raman came to me complaining of recurring kidney stones. He left no stone unturned and visited many physicians, but in vain. There was no definite diagnosis for his recurring stone formations. He gave up all his favourite cuisines and started eating bland diets. He was emotionally down and came to me very depressed. Well,Continue reading “Kidney Stones and the risk that comes along with it.”

Sleep at a time saves 9!

You go to bed early after your dinner. In an attempt to sleep you keep scrolling through your social media accounts and end up doing that for or longer hours without realizing it. This keeps turning into a habit due to lack of sleep. This makes it obvious that the individual must not feel energeticContinue reading Sleep at a time saves 9!

Be alert- High level of potassium can be a reason for heart failure!

Kidney patients are usually concerned about their creatinine levels, but did you know that your potassium balance is equally important? Mr. Shankar, one of my patient came up with his test reports which indicated potassium levels exceeding 6.3 mmol/L. He mentioned facing nausea and shortness of breath, uneasiness at times, thus his wife brought himContinue reading “Be alert- High level of potassium can be a reason for heart failure!”

Are swollen feet a warning against kidney disease?

It can often be observed that after working throughout the day our feet seem to be swollen. Given that the print of the socks gets more prominent. So does this mean that your Kidneys are not functioning any longer? Anybody can encounter swollen feet from time to time. It’s common — particularly after a longContinue reading “Are swollen feet a warning against kidney disease?”

Is frothy urine harmful?

One of my patients came up with a very common issue of encountering foamy urine. Mr. Das is a middle-aged man and manages a busy schedule due to work. He has observed this change in his urine for a week now and decided to see me. I could understand his concern from his very firstContinue reading “Is frothy urine harmful?”

Dialysis is not the end of life

There’s a famous quote, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and I’m living proof that it’s true. I was born in a middle-class family in the Coochbihar district. As a child, I grew up in Haldibari, a town in coochbihar district. My parents did everything they could to teach me to be a betterContinue reading “Dialysis is not the end of life”

Detox Water: Health Benefits and Myths

The human body has mechanisms of detoxification to deal with both exogenous toxicants (from the environment) and endogenous (those produced inside the body as a result of metabolic processes). One of the best ways to detox is through water. Want to know more in details? Click on the link below to read the full blog.