5 Causes of Weakness in CKD patients & It’s Solution

weakness in old man

Weakness is very common among patients suffering from Chronic kidney disease, almost 99% of patients complain about it. This weakness happens due to multiple reasons.

Let’s see some common causes and how to get rid of it—


Low Haemoglobin – Haemoglobin  usually remain very low in renal failure , because kidney stops producing one important hormone called Erythropoetin , which plays an important roll in the formation of haemoglobin . That leads to anemia.

Uremic Gastritis – In uremic gastritis iron cannot be absorbed properly , sometime GI bleeding also occur , this all leads to anaemia.

Dietary Restriction – Folate and vit B12 deficiency in the diet due to restriction of foods also cause anemia. All these converted to anemia and eventually to weakness .

micro and macro nutrients

Macro and Micronutrient Deficiency-

To protect the kidney function  and restricting the rise of creatinine , a lot of dietary restriction most of which are self imposed , non scientific makes the patients’ plate out of all nutritious foods and leads to macro and micronutrient deficiency.

So it is important to remember if you are feeling very weak , it is the time to revise your entire dietary  regime by a qualified renal nutritionist , who will make you understand how much calorie , protein , carbohydrate and fat and micronutrients you should consume.

Restriction of fruits – Because of containing high potassium , patients are often advised to restrict the intake of fruits . But fruits are also rich in some other important micronutrients, minerals and isoflavonoids which helps to provide energy to the body  . In CKD , because of imposed restriction of fruits , patients don’t get enough energy and feels weak.

Don’t worry you don’t need to restrict fruits always unless your serum potassium level is very high . Even if your potassium level is high , you can go for those fruits which are low in potassium . Also a renal nutritionist will provide you a diet regimen which will replace the nutrients which is usually obtained from the consuming fruit that you want to take. Restriction of vegetables-  Similarly imposed restriction of vegetables leads to nutrient deficiency . And you need to know which to avoid and which to take in a proper way.

lazy boy

Lack of Exercise – 

Exercise is very important to keep the body much more energetic , increase muscle strength to remain in specified standard and increase our flexibility and mobility .

Because of weakness , patients don’t do exercise and feel more weakness and eventually fall in vicious cycle. Somewhere it is important to break the chain . It is always recommended to start some exercise in moderate intensity as per your capacity but be regular to the exercise regime . Even simple walking or going up stairs – down stairs , gardening can increase exercise capacity , and gradually it improves with time and you will start to feel more energetic . Daily exercise can also help to reduce blood sugar. 

We have a program Mukti, an online Yoga class – a specially for all chronic kidney disease patients , which can help you to get rid of the weakness and anxiety and control your diabetes and high blood pressure , also help to you a good quality sleep.

I met Dr. Pratim Sengupta at ILS hospital, Nagerbazar. I broke down in front of him, with folded hands prayed “Sir save my son, he is my life” He kept his hand on my shoulder and assured me that he will try his best. I admitted him under his care. By that time my son had already taken 24 sessions of hemodialysis. Serial blood test, CT scan, USG were done. Under the treatment of Dr. Sengupta and the team, my son started to respond positively.

Lack of Sleep-

Sleep disturbance is another factor for weakness. If you can’t sleep well, your neurotransmitters which is necessary for entire physical functionality will get exhausted and you will feel more weakness. Try to ensure at least 6-8 hours of sleep.

Also, there are some techniques which increase sleep hygiene . There is one meditation technique called Yoga Nidra which significantly improves sleep quality.

 If , the sleep is still not improved after meditation , a mild dose of sedative pills can be taken by patients which may increase the intensity and duration of sleep .

Fluctuation of Blood Pressure- 

Low blood pressure often cause weakness. It is important to keep the eye on fluctuating Blood pressure regularly.

Sometimes patients still feel less energetic even after right diet habit , regular exercise , good sleep , controlled blood pressure  ,as this weakness could be secondary due to electrolyte imbalance such as low sodium , low potassium and vitamin D deficiency . This can cause muscle weakness or generalized weakness.

So , whenever you will disproportionate weakness, basic investigation is required to know whether all metabolic parameters is in normal range  or not.

There is always a possibility to get rid of weakness , you just need to know how . Do yoga , follow diet regime , have plenty of sleep will help you to find the right path.

Published by Dr.Pratim Sengupta

Dr. Pratim Sengupta thinks of himself as conscious, living, soulful being with an inner urge to break the inertia of life. He feels that life is nothing but a material expression of the Supreme Almighty Consciousness. His conscious existence empowered him to see, to hear, to talk, to interact, to feel, to dream, to ask questions, and to seek solutions to every problem. In the flow of life, as he grew up, he understood that knowledge of life is the only way to understand the scientific basis of conscious existence. Hence Dr. Sengupta felt the urge to study the science of life – i.e. Medicine. After he completed his higher secondary education from the Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira in Belurmath, he joined the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) course at RG Kar Medical College, Kolkata. The professional packaging of knowledge in terms of a time-bound, goal-oriented syllabus frustrated him a bit, but nevertheless ignited the urge within him to study further. He thus went on to his post-graduation (MD) in Medicine from IPGMER and SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. During his MD training, he got a glimpse of the vastness of knowledge, and the quest to learn precisely the facts of life narrowed down his area of interest to the functioning of the kidneys and the specialisation of Nephrology – a discipline that is complex, yet relatively new and still evolving in terms of complete understanding of renal physiology and pathology. So, Dr. Sengupta decided to study and train for the DM (Doctorate of Medicine) degree in Nephrology. Right from the start of his career, Dr. Sengupta was passionate about Research. During the MD programme he worked on Cirrhotic Cardiomyopathy, Autonomic Neuropathy of Lupus, and Insulin resistance in Diabetics. All these research studies were published in national journals. During his postdoctoral study in Nephrology, he worked on Hemodialysis efficiency, and suggested an angular placement of the Dialyser in order to increase efficiency. This innovative concept was accepted for presentation at the World Congress of Nephrology, Milan, in 2009, and also published in Hemodialysis International. Dr. Sengupta also worked on Plasmapheresis – a blood filtering technique by which toxic and pathogenic immunoglobulins can be removed from the body. He studied the role of Prethymectomy Plasmapheresis in Myasthenia Gravis patients, and his findings were published in the journal Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. The patient-empowered nutritional model for nutritional care of kidney patients is another interesting and innovative area in which Dr. Sengupta has worked for quite a long time. Dr.Pratim Sengupta won the Bharat Jyoti award for his excellency in the field of medicine. He is also the president of our non-governmental organization, The Kidney Care Society. His tireless contribution to provide quality living for his patients is worth mentioning. He introduced Mukti, blending ancient Indian yoga with modern medicine for well being of every patient. He has also introduced an unique online course "Art of Living with diabetes" which is a complete solution to diabetes management. He has authored many books, blogs, for the patients. Searching and researching for solutions to problems in the field of Nephrology remains the passion and dream of Dr. Pratim Sengupta, and he intends to persist on this journey as long as he is conscious. Meanwhile, even as he pursues his dreams, Dr. Sengupta diligently puts into practice all he has learned about Nephrology over the years, at the Belle Vue Clinic in Kolkata and ILS hospital,Dumdum where he is available for his patient

4 thoughts on “5 Causes of Weakness in CKD patients & It’s Solution

  1. Very good. Kindly state what fruits and vegetables can be taken in case of high potassium, high bp and constipation and irregular bp. What type of yoga and from where we can get these.


  2. It’s really tough to find words to thanks Dr Pratim Sir ji, Tapas Sir ji and all his hardworking devoted team. I wish i could have some authority or some capacity I would have gone beyond of my capacity to serve in his team. I am thankful and grateful to everyone specially sir how he saved my life. This life is given by Almighty God . With the great help of Dr Sir and his team. I have no words for express my gratitude , thankfulness ,, respect and obligation. Thanks Sir thanks from bottom of my heart.Stay blessed ,happy , healthy, very successful.


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