Dialysis is not the end of life

There’s a famous quote,

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

and I’m living proof that it’s true.

I was born in a middle-class family in the Coochbihar district. As a child, I grew up in Haldibari, a town in coochbihar district. My parents did everything they could to teach me to be a better person, healthy, and to never give up any challenges in life. Games and sports were in my blood. Right from my childhood, I took part in sports. I won many awards and accolades. My friends use to call me Milkha as running 100 meters was never been a hurdle for me. Apart from sport, I loved doing physical exercises.

I used to wake up early morning and go running in the lush green meadows of my Haldibari. I enjoyed the natural air that rejuvenated my mind. I passed my high school and then got admitted to Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vidyalaya, faculty of agriculture. I won an individual group championship in annual sports in 1983.I won several medals in weight lifting as well. I was an athlete and a sportsperson.

Everything was going pretty well but one sudden event shook my life. I was diagnosed with one of the deadly diseases, chronic kidney disease. I was on conservative treatment for a few years but later on 4th January 2017, I was put on maintenance hemodialysis at two sessions a week. My family and near relatives mourned with agony. My colleagues and friends said “Dialysis is a painful treatment”

One of my relatives even told “Mohan(name changed),be strong, maybe your time has come and it is now up to almighty’s hand”

exercising man

I never gave up. I made my mind whatever happens I will not quit my passion for sports. It was that time when I met Dr.Pratim Sengupta, my treating Nephrologist, whose first interaction with me churned me with lots of positive energy and willpower.

Dr. Pratim Sengupta said “Mohan da(name changed) you must set an example for anyone on hemodialysis, continue living with your passion and your wellbeing is in my hand”

I continued doing physical exercise to stay strong. I ran, jogged, walked, and did all cardiovascular exercises, which seemed impossible for everyone on hemodialysis. Physical exercise is my trump card to remain stable and healthy. Even at my age, I run 4Km daily in the morning. I do freehand exercises. Even I can beat a muscular man in arm wrestling at my age of 63. I come to the dialysis center which is 30 Km from my house on public transport. I do all activity that I used to do before I was diagnosed with CKD.

I believe “Dialysis is not the end of life. With daily physical exercise and healthy living habits and of course strong determination one can live a normal life. My gratitude to Dr. Sengupta and his wonderful team for helping me to live my passion.

Published by Dr.Pratim Sengupta

Dr. Pratim Sengupta thinks of himself as conscious, living, soulful being with an inner urge to break the inertia of life. He feels that life is nothing but a material expression of the Supreme Almighty Consciousness. His conscious existence empowered him to see, to hear, to talk, to interact, to feel, to dream, to ask questions, and to seek solutions to every problem. In the flow of life, as he grew up, he understood that knowledge of life is the only way to understand the scientific basis of conscious existence. Hence Dr. Sengupta felt the urge to study the science of life – i.e. Medicine. After he completed his higher secondary education from the Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira in Belurmath, he joined the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) course at RG Kar Medical College, Kolkata. The professional packaging of knowledge in terms of a time-bound, goal-oriented syllabus frustrated him a bit, but nevertheless ignited the urge within him to study further. He thus went on to his post-graduation (MD) in Medicine from IPGMER and SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. During his MD training, he got a glimpse of the vastness of knowledge, and the quest to learn precisely the facts of life narrowed down his area of interest to the functioning of the kidneys and the specialisation of Nephrology – a discipline that is complex, yet relatively new and still evolving in terms of complete understanding of renal physiology and pathology. So, Dr. Sengupta decided to study and train for the DM (Doctorate of Medicine) degree in Nephrology. Right from the start of his career, Dr. Sengupta was passionate about Research. During the MD programme he worked on Cirrhotic Cardiomyopathy, Autonomic Neuropathy of Lupus, and Insulin resistance in Diabetics. All these research studies were published in national journals. During his postdoctoral study in Nephrology, he worked on Hemodialysis efficiency, and suggested an angular placement of the Dialyser in order to increase efficiency. This innovative concept was accepted for presentation at the World Congress of Nephrology, Milan, in 2009, and also published in Hemodialysis International. Dr. Sengupta also worked on Plasmapheresis – a blood filtering technique by which toxic and pathogenic immunoglobulins can be removed from the body. He studied the role of Prethymectomy Plasmapheresis in Myasthenia Gravis patients, and his findings were published in the journal Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. The patient-empowered nutritional model for nutritional care of kidney patients is another interesting and innovative area in which Dr. Sengupta has worked for quite a long time. Dr.Pratim Sengupta won the Bharat Jyoti award for his excellency in the field of medicine. He is also the president of our non-governmental organization, The Kidney Care Society. His tireless contribution to provide quality living for his patients is worth mentioning. He introduced Mukti, blending ancient Indian yoga with modern medicine for well being of every patient. He has also introduced an unique online course "Art of Living with diabetes" which is a complete solution to diabetes management. He has authored many books, blogs, for the patients. Searching and researching for solutions to problems in the field of Nephrology remains the passion and dream of Dr. Pratim Sengupta, and he intends to persist on this journey as long as he is conscious. Meanwhile, even as he pursues his dreams, Dr. Sengupta diligently puts into practice all he has learned about Nephrology over the years, at the Belle Vue Clinic in Kolkata and ILS hospital,Dumdum where he is available for his patient

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